Blossom Village at The Music is Art Festival 2022

Blossom Buffalo at The Music is Art Festival


Blossom Buffalo will sponsor a village where anyone can BLOSSOM at the 20TH Anniversary of the Music is Art Festival on Saturday September 10th at Buffalo River Works and River Fest Park (affectionately known as Peg’s Park on Ohio St)!  Blossom Village will fill Peg’s Park with 11 of WNY’s most exciting bands, Live Glass Blowing, NY’s Most High Interactive Art Experience, Hip Vendors, dancers, fairies, hoopers, freaks and everyone else that wants to have a good time.

Join in and participate in this amazing celebration where distinguishing the performers from the audience can be difficult.  Everyone is included!  

Music is Art is a totally FREE Festival!

All of the musicians and other people involved volunteer their time, services, skills and sanity to make this a special day in Buffalo.  Please come with high vibrations and good intentions to contribute to this amazing experience.

Listen to original music from WNY’s most exciting bands!

Watch Live Painters, Dancers, Drummers, Glass Melters

Discover products from hip vendors in WNY

For more information please visit the Facebook Event Page