Chet Atman



~§~   Words Get In The Way   ~§~


~§~  Words are what come from our mouths as we attempt to communicate.  It can even seem as though we think with words.  Our highest thoughts are not in words, but something closer to dimensional pictures or visions.  We instantly search for words to relay these ideas at an unconscious speed as our daily form of communication.  However, each of us carry their own unique dictionary inside their mind used to instantly translate the words back into comprehendible images, leaving each of us with an independent reality.  It is not the words in which we wish to convey but rather the picture or the emotion and the Words Get In The Way.  ~§~



~§~   Do What You Are Doing   ~§~


~§~  Nearly every time we are doing something our mind tends to wander.  Whether we are driving the car, sitting through a presentation, reading a book, washing the dishes, it literally happens all the time.  It seems so harmless, but it is the greatest violation against the precious gift of life.  One time the mind will wander and when it returns life will be gone.  If only we can find a way to remain present, to fully immerse in the moment, our joy will be greatly increased.  Do What You Are Doing is a reminder to carry to assist us to remain on the path.  ~§~










There are bumps, bruises and breaks on any path 

We choose to travel for a while.

Challenges will present themselves -

But always end with a smile.

There’s just no way to stop the world spinning ‘round,

And it’s through this process that we age.

We try to cling to our familiar comforts

Only to find out that we must change.

As the changes occur, new questions arise

Can we ever understand what it means?

Confusion abounds, fear manifests

Sometimes we lose track of our dreams.

But if we remain true to our self

And let the path carry us far,

Through the smoke and the fog

We discover who we really are.




The Cycle


All things start in darkness,

Knowing no boundaries of size.

Life is coddled with warmth,

Warmth comes from light. 

In spring the seeds begin to sprout,

Ideas are given form,

Growth is measured in many ways.

Lost is a feeling, not a location.

No one sees the wind blow.

Flowers cannot bloom without scattered seeds,

Neither do they build houses nor wear clothing.

There are always signs of the season

Well before it has arrived.

It isn’t always easy to read between the lines.

It is so easy to justify behavior,

To twist laws to fits our needs.

Truth isn’t always nice but it is fair.

The sun shines on the good and the bad.

It is never too late!

Similarities are many,

Differences are few,

Eyes are quick to deceive 

But easier to heal than the heart.

Original thought is rare.

It’s comfortable to follow,

Even knowing safety is an illusion.

Circles are everywhere -

Sometimes so large they are confused for lines.

Good people never govern others,

No one else knows what is best for you.

Power is alluring but Love much more rewarding.

The greatest gifts cannot be put into boxes.

Forgiving is the strongest act of man,

Violence is the weakest.

Things are always better when they are shared -

We know they will not last.

After each day the sun must set,

Close your eyes and go to sleep,

Death is not an ending.








Presents come in many different colors, shapes and sizes

And bless us in ways we may never fully understand.

At special times of the year or throughout the day they are surprises

Begging us to slow down and appreciate what we’ve got at hand.

Presence comes when we clear our mind

And teaches us how fragile is the softness of the sound

That intertwines all life when we leave distractions behind

And find ourselves anchored in the here and now.

Leaving us peering through a peaceful perspective 

At all the presents wrapped in ornate packaging

And all the presence disguised as ordinary scenes

To see all things from behind the veil in which they are hidden.

So, When your attention is taken by something specific 

Don’t let it pass by, it’ll be a mistake

Remember that not all presents come wrapped up in boxes

Surely that is an assumption that we all need to break.






Light at the bottom of a cave

Space in darkness

Hollow spot in a solid object

The center of cupped hands that is ungrabbable


Links of a chain

The sound that has no source

The middle of a circle

Love in the heart

The closer you look

The more nothing you see






Education is the development of the ability to treat difference with kindness.





Words To Get You Through The Day