David Jonathan & The Inner City Bedlam

David Jonathan & The Inner City Bedlam

“The Most Dangerous Band In The World”

David Jonathan & The Inner City Bedlam

For some of us music is a representation of life.  Spontaneous, fast, silly, slow, soulful, dancy, rock, jazz, rhythm & blue - an expression of emotions experienced through living.  So much information is conveyed with sound vibrations that our minds become overloaded and our bodies receive ancient messages as coded inputs guiding us to become more comfortable with our purpose on Earth.

Unfortunately, that is not the ideal of much of the current popular music being made.  Frequencies clash, are mistuned, are played in clips with limited instrumentation, made with an almost mechanically generic recipe.  It’s like comparing a box of instant mashed potatoes to those creamy mashed potatoes that your Grandma used to make. 

While in the midst of a successful career as a touring musician, David Jonathan “teaspoon” Hulett became aware of the irresponsible use of music in the modern world.  He was aware of its power, its influence, its ability to have positive impact. Something had changed, and others could see it as well.  

While out on tour BB King’s daughter noticed the look in his eyes.  With a statement almost too simple to be so profound she whispered to David, “Yeah.  What are you gonna do about it?”  

Touched by this encouragement, David honed his vision by combining past influences with the clear vision to create a fresh, updated take on spiritual music.  

 If you are one of the few who are satisfied by the current state of world affairs, this likely isn’t the music for you.  If you feel like there’s more out there, if something is calling you, if you know there’s a better way - Get your feet comfortable, turn it up, tell your friends!   The world is changing.

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