How To Live A Meaningful Life

Everything in the universe functions with reason, logic and purpose.

In accordance with this divine law, in order for man to live a meaningful life, he must strive to find purpose within his own life.

Upon our arrival there is already so much happening.  

The Earth is spinning at nearly 67,000 MPH while our souls are trying to squeeze into our infantile bodies.  

Immersed in illusions, awarded for folly, we reach the adult age so filled with delusion that there is little choice but to follow the stream of maya materialism waiting for other phony awards of hollow recognition while experiencing the occasional impulse disguised in the form of anxiety, depression, confusion… 

Surrounded by poisons and inadequacies, we must struggle to find the space to learn and assemble our fragments of mystery to comprehend our forgotten languages and other forms of communication.




A Mantra is a gift of wisdom that unfolds to reveal deeper knowledge over and over and over.

Discovered during years of practice and searching here are two profoundly simple truths to help guide you through the difficult moments in life.

“Do What You’re Doing” ~ Chet Atman

“Words Get In The Way” ~