Auric Blends Roll on Perfume Oil

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Classic line of 1/3 ounce roll-ons have been the #1 customer rated oil-based perfumes. Created with a combination of exotic, imported perfume ingredients from around the globe, each of the hand-blended perfumes is a journey within themselves.



Amber~ Rich, spicy, warm and sweet.  Smooth, rich and intoxicating, amber is one of the hardest fragrances to describe.

Egyptian Goddess~ Seductive and soft, this fragrance blends a warm musk with notes of powder and delicate florals

Hawaiian Fantasy~ White Musk, sandalwood and plumeria blended with fresh muguet and soft florals.

Love~ A soft musk with notes of White Amber, Woods, and a touch of Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess.

Lovers Moon~ Gardenia, rose and heliotrope provide sweet floral notes at the top, with sandalwood and musk as the base.

Majik~ A deep and earthy scent with a touch of sweet.  Myrrh adds a rich sweetness and amber brings a touch of spice.

Mystic Blend~ With hints of green at the top, this fragrance has a heart of lily and jasmine and is supported by heavy sandalwood and vanilla.

Patchouly~ An essential oil from Indonesia and the surrounding area, Patchouly is deep, luxurious and earthy.

Sandalwood~ Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended with golden amber and light green leafy notes.

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