Nootropic Night #1 - Recap

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Legitimizing the business of medical cannabis and psychedelic medicine. 

Blossom Buffalo and Lions Mane Infusions hosted the first of its kind event in WNY - Mocktails, Mushrooms & Marijuana: An engaging evening of education and entertainment facilitated by the mycelium all around us. Aimed at bridging the gap between the legacy market, recently licensed providers and medicinal practitioners, this unique event offered an opportunity for the general public to connect with Industry Insiders, Medical Experts, Politicians, Local Law Enforcement and curious connoisseurs to learn about cutting edge treatments available here in WNY.

The Medical Industry is finally taking a giant leap forward by exploring plant based medicines that have been used illegally by members of the general population for thousands of years. Thanks to updated legislation, these treatments (cannabis, ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin) are being reclassified for the treatment of disorders that are plaguing our communities including neurological disorders such as Traumatic Brain Injury, CTE, seizures, depression, PTSD, addiction, as well as for overall general wellness. Still there remains much needed discussion to fully understand the legitimacy and proper application of these treatments to maximize their healing potential.

Curated by Lion's Mane Infusions, a premier processing and distribution entity dedicated to delivering an exceptional array of top-tier cannabis products while prioritizing community and customer education and Blossom Buffalo, a spiritually based business with a penchant for hospitality, steeped in the counterculture of WNY - this was surely a memorable evening!

An esteemed panel of knowledgeable experts included Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, the Medical Director of the Dent Neurological Institute, NY Assemblyman Pat Burke, Phillips Lytle Partner and top psychedelic lawyer Lisa Smith, Dr. Gregory Loewen from Samadhi Therapy Associates, Tom McManus from DRS Testing, Melissa Ferguson, the Education Coordinator for Bison Botanics and Tony Ferro the founder of the Change MS Wellness Foundation. Guests were treated to a menu of specially prepared refreshments and hors d’Oeuvres created by Flat 12 Mushrooms to enhance casual conversations that can turn into lasting business relationships with professionals from interconnected fields. The attendees included dispensary owners, budtenders, doctors, clinicians, politicians, local law enforcement, authors, cultivators, celebrities. There was time to mingle, ask questions and interact with a full spectrum of enthusiasts.

It was very exciting to gather in a safe setting to share suggestions and learn from WNY’s experts about how the future of plant medicine is changing the possibilities of healing.

Reggae music was provided by Olmstead Dub System.

Here are the highlights from the Panel Discussion.

Enjoy these photos from the evening…


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